How to view UV map(s) without unwrapping again?

Is there a way to view different UV maps in the UV Image Editor without unwrapping the mesh again?

I’m trying to unwrap a multiple object model onto 2 different UV maps (1 texture UV map and 1 Lightmap UV map for Unreal Engine), and can’t really figure out how to just view the unwrapped map results without unwrapping again, or import the model into Unreal Engine, where it’s easy to get a good look at the results (although a bit late…).

Don’t you see the result when selecting all in edit mode?

I forgot to mention, but I’ve used the Multi Object UV Editing Addon in order to unwrap the multiple pieces onto single UV maps. So it might be that which makes it a bit confusing to me.

When I select a single piece of the mesh I can see the unwrapped result of that piece only in the UV map, but not the other pieces. So after a multi uv unwrap the only way to inspect the whole uv map (with all pieces) seems to be to unwrap it again. If I select all pieces of the model only one of the pieces’ UVs shows in the UV map.

UV/Image editor view menu -> draw other objects. It shows the UV’s from the selected objects, unless limited by different images assigned to them, which can be changed from the image editor properties.