How to view vertices in "object mode" for a specific object?

Hello there, I made an account years ago but I’ve only ever really visited the forums from time to time seeking answers to things I searched for on Google.

Anyways, I’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out how to view vertices in “object mode”, I understand there’s not a great deal of reason for this, and it’s a rather unusual request, but I am interested in doing this for a particular project.

Usually you can view vertices in “edit mode”, and I understand you can view edges/wireframes in “object mode”, but I am particularly interested in seeing vertices also.

Is there any way to do this?
Thanks in advance for anyone that gives this a read, cheers. :slight_smile:

Do you want to see the actual vertices (as in edit mode) or is just a ‘dot’ in the location of the vertex sufficient ?

If you just wan to see a dot then add a sphere to your scene and use dupliverts to position a copy of the sphere on every vertex


duplivert.blend (116 KB)

object properties(orange box), and check wires and draw all edges. thats about as close as it gets. aside from point selection in painting mode.

the dupli method above is just awful. for snapping(spheres get the way), for viewing(lots of objects, lots of lag), and cleanliness(make sure they dont render, extra datablocks).

unless the whole point is to see them in a final render… which, thanks to your vague question is unclear… then dupliverts will do nice.

Thanks for the help Richard! Managed to get it working, this is actually perfect for what I need.
I’m simply attempting to use Blender as a basic voxel-like game world-building tool.

I really appreciate the help, I can now view what I’m editing quite nicely, and even apply texturing to the base object/s to see what I am actually building. :slight_smile: