How to work efficiently with polys?


i am very new to this community.
I must say that i have a lot of fun working with blender.
But it is so annoying to see that that after you modelled a few things polycount goes up very quickly to 5 million polys and you can forget working with it because of the slow down.
is there any way around working more effectively with Blender? i mean how do Hollywood artists manage this problem??? their scenes must contain many many more polys. i cant be creative with 5 million polys…this a true obstacle.
Yeah i have turned down subdivision modifiers. But still geometry goes up every time i dig into modelling a scene.

it’s possible that you can get by with less polys, but I don’t know what your meshes look like, so it’s hard to say. One thing you can do if a scene becomes too heavy for your computer, is seperate it into a back ground and a foreground, and send them to seperate scenes. then render the background first, and then render your foreground with an alpha channel, and join them in the sequence editor. of course this may not work for every scene. make sure your camera is linked, of course.

Modeling a few things and ending up quickly with 5 million polys? And “only” 5 million polys is an obstacle for your creativity?

Hm. Just for comparison: This scene consists of 4.2 million polygons… Is your work of comparable complexity? Please share some images of your models with us: Maybe this is a workflow issue?

yes i have follewd those tipps skywolfblue
i am now making a render. But when i try to align selected camera to view i get a grey image…??

Are you modeling with dynamic topology sculpt? Post some images of what you are working on.

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@IkariShinji: “Created in Max 7 and Vray”: what has Blender to do with this?
Sure there is this “100 mil not an obstacle” thread, yet it still gets laggy, usually after certain amount of user’s efforts…depending on hardware limitations, sooner or later, where “sooner” is far more sooner as one might expect.

When you have a scene that reach an unworkable state, i think it’s really time for optimising each objects polycount.
One of the method the most used for that is retopology, then baking normals/etc… from the high poly on the low poly in order to obtain an object of much lower polycount and faked details.

Nothing - and I never said it had. I just wanted to show the OP - who claimed that he can not be creative with “only” 5 million polys - what that many polygons can do and mean if used reasonably.

I’m not disputing that viewport performance in Blender is rather disappointing. It is. I just have a feeling that the OP might have some issues with his workflow that lead to overly dense meshes, if “just a little modeling” ends with that many polygons. He did not speak of sculpting, so I assume we’re talking polygon modeling here.

@IkariShinji: It’s ok then. I did not get it immediately in a way you put it - not a native, my apologies.
And yes, there is this performance problem; i have it much sooner coming into the play than OP - same poly modelling. Which is why i tend to silently walk away from ‘global’ projects where i know i would hit this. There are ways around but it’s distracting, cumbersome and leaves a lot more space for error making. So, low profile only at the end.

@eppo: No need to apologize - English isn’t my mother’s tongue, either, so the misunderstanding can easily be my fault…:wink:

Not sure if the OP is new to 3D in general or just to Blender, but if you’re new to any matter you lack the feeling for “scale”: Is 5 million polys very much or very few? From all the OP writes I get the feeling that he thinks that 5 million are an incredibly low number of polygons - which I would not agree on. He describes a basic scene and so many polygons are far too much for that.

Of course it’s all guesswork until we see a screenshot or the blend file. And of course, if we knew he talks about sculpting that would shed a totally different light on the issue.

Heh… I wouldn’t have jumped in if that wasn’t so painful sometimes. Even thing Sanctuary suggests - how many threads you read: used nThis and nThat because of…

But if the limit is around 5 mil - that should give pretty much an elbow space imho.

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ok now it should work

first align camera to view shows me grey screen, why is that?
thank you all for your comments, i will make a render after i managed align view to camera

Mitochondrium, how on earth are we supposed to know what went wrong with your camera alignment? Second sight? Upload the .blend for us to check or post at least a screenshot.

What could have happened (just a guess - certainly not based on facts, as you provided none…) is that you accidentally hit CTRL-Numpad 0 with some arbitrary geometry selected (instead of ALT-CTRL-Numpad 0).

hm. i cant move the camera

You do not have to make a render of your scene with a camera to show what you are doing. Blender can make screenshots and save them as images which you can post as well. Ctrl+F3.

In fact, screenshots are almost always more informative because they can include the panels showing settings and you can set things up to show wire frames of your meshes, which are invaluable for diagnosing a lot of problems.

i have to decided to buy a new graphicscard. its christmas. :smiley:
the problem is that i want a graphics card for blender and gaming.
For gaming the best choice IMO is a AMD because of alreaady 15 supported mantle games.
but for blender, well you know Nvidia. i awould probably go for a r9 280x. best price/performacne ratio.
what do you guys think ? is there a chance that there will be a build for this card. ive seen that there is already a build for 7970, but its quiet tricky to install.
i would go also for a gtx770 , but i will need every FPS for virtual reality gaming and next gen games,you see. and therefore i need mantle.
i have tried to upload blender file…to big…and png also… after that i was pissed off…i am a bit unpatient right now…you see…i can compress the image in blender… i will do…