How to work with GLSL?

Hi. I made a tunnel with blender. It is totaly okay when i render it as image. But when i render it for game engine, ligthting is working very differently. I expect a result like first picture but i get something like second picture (ignore physical lamps). So, why? I used uv mapping. I choose “texture face” as shading, i know it should be glsl for what i want. But when i choose glsl, textures are not visible. How can i use it or what should i do? There is my project file if it helps; tunel_fps2.blend (732 KB)

note: blender version is 2.59

I have the same problem

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You have to use the texture in the Texture panel, next to the Material panel. Set the texture’s mapping to be UV, and ensure GLSL is on. Of course, it would require a GLSL capable video card (a non-ancient video card, basically) to render GLSL graphics.

Also when you are testing the game make sure the 3D viewport is set to textured view.

Guess what. Tons of people have this problem. Try going to your Graphics Card’s website and download an update. If that doesn’t work, you won’t get anything form GLSL.