How to work with GPL and AGLP sources?

Hello, as far as I know if I use code from GPL software - my code have to be under GPL too. But what about models? I stumbled upon mb-lab models, and it seems that topology is bretty good there. But thos models are under AGPL license, what does it mean to me? I couldn’t us those for my work project?
What if I use those models indirectly, like using softwrap plugin for retopo or just look at them and do my own topology using ideas from AGPL models?
Please help me out.

Are You sure those models are AGPL? Because it is software licence and it afaik does not have sense for content and does not apply.

Many commercial products use binary libraries and source code that were prepared under open-source licenses. What the license prohibits is the release of proprietary derivative works. There are an abundance of websites which describe what you can and can’t do, in exhaustive detail.

As I recall the models from manuel bastioni are CC BY. But you could use makehuman instead ( which has CC0, or at least used that license for models last time I checked.