how to work with 'import'

Hi, i am newbie in python and i am having problems to correctly work with the command import.
i have write in two separate files, but in the same directory, the code of function that i will use with the main aplication, now when i try to import the funciton in the aplication module it doesnt seem tto see the function in the other files.
For example:
C:\mydirectory\ first file
C:\mydirectory\ second file

and inside the “C:\mydirectory\myapp_file” i have the command
import myfile
import myfile_2
and my console shows and error.
help!, what can i do?

What ever you do, do NOT look at the console and read the error message there!

The ‘import’ command uses the paths in sys.path to search for modules. You can add extra directories to sys.path since it is just a list.