How to work with space games?

Hey, this is more of an interface question-- I’m building a space shooter game but when I model a planet and place it somewhere, and then make a spaceship and place it far away then I can’t see the planet anymore… and it clips off object far away, and I can’t find the camera again, and in all… well it’s REALLY hard to work with.

Has anyone here made a space game before—> how do you work in blender, tips? TRICKS? Anything you’ve got would help, I’m just having a hard time, thanks!! :smiley:

Name your objects properly. Open Outliner window, select desired object by name and press numpad ‘Del’ key (in 3d view). To return to the camera view, press numpad ‘Ins’. Obviously you need to have ‘Num Lock’ on. You can also increase 3d view camera clipping from View / View properties and realtime camera clipping from Editing panel.

answer one :- rescale your scene <smaller>
anwer two :- select your camera , press f9 , and in the clipping section , set End to the maximum value .

Yes, you can of course rescale, but it might cause some physics problems.

Yes, you can of course rescale, but it might cause some physics problems.

yep , its a final alternative .

This might be of some help to you if you are willing to do a bit of work to dissect it.

I played with rescaling, that seems to work a little easier- But what kind of problems could I be facing if I try to build an entire game in ultra-small scale? Just physics? Will UV mapping still render high quality maps or will the small scale affect the texture resolution?

Change your camera “clipping” to about 250 or so and scale your scene to fit around that. You could go higher if you need to. But if clipping is set to 60 or so, that IMO is too small. If you have a hard time finding your camera, you could always make the camera larger. It won’t affect anything.

As far as the texture resolution is concerned, I could be wrong but I don’t think it matters.

The way I thought this could be done is my making your spacecraft move extrememly slowly then scripts running on all the objects scale them depending on how close you are to them. ie the closer you get to a planet the larger it scales itself, this way everything can be workably close but appear to be many miles apart.

Hope I made some sense :wink:

Select the camera and go into the edit buttons window, from here you can access the camera’s clipping settings.

In games with very large environments you have to set the clipping value pretty high in order for the camera to see things that are very distant.

Also, you might want to vertex parent your skybox to the ship so that it will seem like the skybox goes on forever.

Good luck = )