How to wrap?

Hello there, anyone can give me an idea or help me how to wrap model A around model B ??
Shrinkwrapping doesn t work as it makes model A flat …

WRAPTRY.blend (1.6 MB)
thanks for having a look

One way is to use Modeling Cloth addon tools to flatten the form according to its UV map, which uses a shape key between current and flattened forms. Then position the high density object on it, add surface deform modifier, and change the shape key back to the original

WRAPTRY2.blend (1.9 MB)

One, you can use a weight group to control how your shrinkwrap does its thing, but the cast modifier and some of the deform ones look like they may be worth your time to look at.

Yeah, i think this is a better way as well…
you can watch this AMAZING tutorial

great stuff
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Thanks a lot
found this one too, who was really really helpful

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Proj Ops

related video from user 1D. It shows 10 ways of wrapping geometry around meshes.

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Thanks a lot, this was all very helpfull
am trying one of the tuts
but the follow surface panel doesnt show up…
Where did I went wrong on the installation??

that last screenshot is from the video tut
thanks in advance

found out … had to install modelling cloth master addon
thanks for all the help