How to write a pdf ?

i want to know how do i create a pdf ?

i cant seem to create a new document in adobe reader , how do you guys do when you write a tutorial in pdf ?

Adobe would love to sell you Acrobat for ~$300.00-~$700.00, depending on features.

You could also use the ‘export to PDF’ feature in OpenOffice ( for free.

700 …free… 700…free…700…free…700… ??? mmm i guess i go for… mm m m 700 ? free ?
free , yes , i think thats the smartest option , or should i buy it ? no … i’ll use openoffice and support O.Office. thanx :smiley:

Or get PDF Creator and then just print to a PDF from any application. It’s what I use everyday at work.

Thanks roofoo for the link. I also needed this.

Another option:

And another:

Or, if you want it to look really professional, and completely free:

I recommend this.