how two "wheels" to an axle

Learning Blender, right now I am trying to attach wheels to an axle. the wheels need to spin freely while the axle stays fixed.

Please be more specific. What are you exactly trying to do. Is this for an animation or for use in a game engine (which one) or something else ? If we have to rely on some guesswork you’ve failed in the way you have written your post.

You can parent the wheel to an axle (Ctrl+P) or use a cild of constraint.
Please supply an example of what you have now and a clear example of what you are trying to achieve

trying to get the middle cylinder to not rotate with the two outer wheels as it rolls down the hill. I have it spaced out right now to show the parents.

I am trying to get the middle cylinder to not rotate the door remains parallel to the ground . the objects are spread out to show the parents. It is a transport. Do not want the occupants to get sick :slight_smile:

Try using Child-of constraint. Constrain all three objects to an empty.
That way, you can tell the wheels to rotate in relation to the empty but the central axle to remain still.
Further, you can parent/constrain the empty to another object (the body of the vehicle) and, when you move the car, everything will move as one.

If you use the child constraint instead of just parenting, you gain control of the ways that the parent/master object can affect the rotation and/or position of the child/slave objects.

More info here: