How u post pictures

Well, how on earth can I post pictures?

One way probibly the best is to use an external host like Image shack and then linking to it with the [img] tags Image shack makes this easy for you by giving them to you.

You can sometimes upload pictures strait to the forums with the attach window thingy whether or not you can do this depends on what forums you are in and some other stuff.

If your gonna showcase images you should probibly save them as a compressed file such as jpg instead of something like bmp it reduces the filesize and just helps.

Next time you have a problem like this just search it of look at the forum guide things.

i know it isnt the greatest site, but i currently use

you can then browse for your photo (using the free 10mb account), upload it, then click the “COPY” button next to the BB format (second one down, if i’m not mistaken) then paste that code in your post. the pic will be displayed with a link to a larger pic :smiley:

i know that there are other sites, but i haven’t tried them yet, and this one’s simple enough :stuck_out_tongue: .