How upgrade my computer?


When computers start to caught, and Blender to crash , its probably when it’s time to upgrde new materiels ( no choices :joy: )
I’m actually working with an :

  • imac 5k of 2017, 16g with a radeon 570 4G
  • laptop Asus Rog GL552JX 6g Nvidia gtx 950 m

Actuallly working with both starting to be painful as I love working with fluid siimulation and orgnic textures, I can’t even use cycles properly because of no gpu on imac, I thought about adding a egpu to the imac, what would you think about ? Whitch configuration would you recommend for a fluid workflow on this computer ?

(well, after further research, it looks way better to have a desktop computer :tipping_hand_woman:t5: )

Get a dektop pc with AMD chipset for work (has better multithreading), or Intel chipset for gaming. As for using Blender check requirements here:

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Yeah you should probably go for a desktop.

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