How useful is a Java port of Blender?

I wanted to thank everyone for their very diverse responses to the announcement of the Blender Java Project. If you haven’t heard of it already, you can find it here:
I just wanted to make a couple comments here.
I would like everyone to know that I have great respect and admiration for the programmers who have worked so hard to make Blender what it is today and also for the Blender Institute for managing the Project as well as they do, and I have every intension of striving to stay in line with the Institutes goals and cooperating with them as best as I can.
Also, I intend for the Blender Java Project to be open source and under the same license as Blender, and the Java source code will be released some time soon. The reason it is not released already is because of the way that I port (I don’t use any automated programs, it’s all by hand, and I do multiple passes) the Java code is rather messy at first and would probably be of no use to anyone. The code will be released as soon as it is in, at least, a somewhat presentable state.

Please vote.

Jason LaDere
Dooglamoo Studios

Wow, really, you ported all that by hand? Hats off to you. Looking at a decompiled version of your Java code and comparing it with the C original, I like that the mapping is very very direct, and I think it would be a mistake to “refine” your port to make the Java code cleaner. The reason I say that is that the further the code gets from the C original, the harder it is going to be to maintain it going forward. The C code will be continuously changing, and figuring out how to apply those changes to your port will be easiest the closer it is to being a near-mechanical translation of it.

For those saying “worst idea ever”, remember that Blender is never going to be Java only - this cool development shows that Blender can be ported and used in a new way, and isn’t taking away any resources from the core team.

Most. Useless. Port. Ever.

Seriously. Blender is opensource and cross platform already. Apart from it being a educational project to learn java, I hardly see the point of porting an app to something as slow as java. Especially with an app like blender where speed is of the essence.

That being said, maybe I’m misinformed. Perhaps someone could point out the benefits of a java port?

I suppose, this would allow you to run blender in a browser via a web page.

If it helps even one guy to better understand Blender architecture, it’s not a waste of time. Then again I don’t expect anybody to actually use it…

If features are developed for this Java version, would it be easy to port them to the official C version?

If you now have an understanding of how Blender is structured why don’t you join the dev team?

Woo - hoo! We can use Blender with mobile phones now!

but seriously,

I cannot think of a situation that would require java port of Blender.

If you have some extra time, join developer team, or learn Klingon or something… :wink:


Tested the proof of concept in my machine…

Blender standard: 5168 Kb Usage
Blender Java: 259345 Kb Usage

WTF???.. I mean, the default scene uses that much in the Java version, i don’t imagine real world scenes in the java versión. (Version tested doesn’t allow loading any of my .blend scenes)

As much my programmers friends like java, they also consider porting a software like blender to Java in this time, a waste. Probably in the future when machines are faster and the RAM standard available are 64 GB+ would be a good idea. As they said: Java is just now useful to run things like emulators, that in C/C++ would require a 2004 era machine and now would require a core2duo 2 GHz+ and at least 4-5 times the ram used by C/C++.

So… Is a No-go right now.


stargeizer - I want to point out that your estimation of memory usage is probably wrong. The JVM is pre-allocating a lot of memory. If you were able to load a scene, I’m betting the memory usage actually wouldn’t go up much, if at all.

Personally, I think this is an interesting project, even though it’s not at all practical. I hope Jason will use the experience he’s gained to come work on the C code. :slight_smile:

Here’s a potential use for it (I may be missing something - is this possible…?)


I would vote for

BLENDER-2D - programm for polygon manipulation in 2D
BLENDER-TEXT-ONLY - program for algorithmic modelling

But I guess this should be done in Python.

BLENDER-2D - What if you remove the vertical axis?
BLENDER-TEXT-ONLY - program for algorithmic modelling If you mean designing the classes the processes your algorithm will use then you need a CASE tool.

Java port of game player would be great.
Java binding for Blender API would be nice.

Exposing the Blender API to Java, such that you can use Java instead of Python, would be VERY useful.

i don’t know about you, but it is difficult to ask a group of users how good a port of something is…

people have had problems understanding what the refactoring project for 2.5 was gonna mean to them, because many of the changes were at the core…

so i personally believe this poll and thread are useless as they are…
instead of asking “what do you think of a java port” which means gibberish to an artist… try asking “if blender gets ported to Java, there is going to be a possibility for features 1, 2 and 3… would you think such features are necessary?”

Blender should be always like it is and there is no need some virtual machine but if they had done Blender in .NET it is world most horrible language to do.

I don’t understand your point of view, Jason.

You have made a port to Java of Blender and you will give the source of your work. And it’s ok. Respect.
But what are your intentions, your wishes…
It’s such a huge work that I can’t believe you have not thought about the utility of such a HUUUUUUUUUUge work.

No offense, I’m just… wow…

Ok… Now… you can tell us THE secret of this story…:slight_smile:

I think a Java Game Player would be very useful so that people could release their Blender games in web pages and in cell phones. I am not sure how we would benefit by having the entire program converted to Blender since it already runs on many platforms with the C/C++ architecture. I am not shooting down the idea of having blender converted completely into Java just don’t know what the benefits would be.

Nate Nesler

the java machine runs on the osx lepards and the ubuntu 10.glitch dosn’t it? if java is a way around those glitches then it would be worth it to some. but like i said sun sould out to oracle i belive, so who knows how much suproty the vm will get from now on. the advantage of java was it ran on a virtual machine, so all platforms were identical. programming for one was programming for all. if there was a glitch on one platform there was a glitch on all platforms. if you fixed the glitch on one platfrom you fixed it on ever platfrom. it might cure the osx bug, and while i;m not an osx user if it fixed blender for it that would be worthwhile. the blender foundation correctly says they cant fix the bug because it is in osx where they dont have rights to change the os. if java was a partner (very likely because of all the java web apps) they might have the rights. blender would run as good on lepard as any os…and if it borked all osses…then we can use what we already have, the standard blender. the way i see it is there is nothing to lose, none of us have to use java blender, but it would be there as an option if it fixed os bugs.

myself i wont use it because i have fallen in love with meta and kai’s builds, but i see no reason to think myself so important that if i dont want it nobody should have it. alot of people love lobster, i hate it. just because i dont like it dosn’t mean others should be denied it if they do.