How virtual influencers are rendered

She is a digital influencer. If you see her posts naa her background looks super realistic. How to acieve such kind of renders inside blender . I am talking about the character but the background and environment . I can render such real character

There’s nothing particularly special about the backgrounds, they’re just photorealistic renders. Nothing you couldn’t do without practice :slight_smile:

As far as blending the character into the background… I honestly don’t think they’ve done a very good job, but it just boils down to using lighting that matches. Doing post-processing like color corrections and brightness/contrast after combing the background and character helps unify them- and adding a very slight color overlay to the image can really help unify things as well. I usually add a 5-10% Overlay, Soft Light, or Multiply of a daylight warm yellow to blend characters and backgrounds

Just have a look at finished projects here on BA with for example additional tag interiorarchitecture :wink: :

yeah , I got it . Thankyou :wink: