How was the eye lid rig built for Baker? (blendercookie)

I’m doing my own cartoonish character, and I watched the tutorials for advanced face rig and everything was easily understood, however that rig uses shapekeys for the blinks, where I want mine to be the same setup as Baker. For Baker you simply take the bone and move it and the eyelid moves with it. The only constraint I see on the bone is a limit location. I’m about to go out of my mind trying to figure out how that setup is done. I cant seem to find an example of that same technique anywhere else. Ive attached the baker file ( sans the body) <-- Blend File

If I recall, the eyelid is a separate mesh object and it’s just parented to the eyelid bone. When you rotate the bone, the eyelid mesh rotates in front of the eye. The limit location constraint is to prevent you from moving the eyelid mesh out of the head.

DanPro : Thanks for replying. Well I thought that too, but you don’t rotate, the bone just moves up and down and automatically rotates around the eyeball.

Anyone : Ive left the file in my post, you can check it out and manipulate the eyelid bones.

arrrggg. I feel like an idiot. Armature layers… I apparently did not know they existed. I found what controls the rotation of the bones and is connected to with IK for the limit location… stupid stupid stupid…