How was this done in Blender?


I was browsing the December gallery and was blown away by the trees in Krzysztof Nowacki piece “Early sunset”.

Does anyone know how the trees could have been done? Are they just alpha mapped texture planes? I’m hoping not - I would be amazed if they were 3D.


Looks to me they were done with particles. You can set particles to static. Its how I’m trying to form my trees at the moment.

I am guessing but …

Static particles for grass

for trees something like - , or

I suspect also a use of the mist world settings - - or some volumetric lighting

And … a matte painting for background

There might even be some zblur going on!

( … enough guessing already )

There was a tutorial how he’s done the trees and everything else. Not that hard actually. Just planes with a tree texture.

I’ll see if I can find it…I make no promise.