How was this made?

How was that pictures made (especialy the last 2)?
I read all the transmissivity thing but i cannot even get the look without transmissivity. Wouldn’t a kind soul post a blend file with that beautifull cubes?

i think thats just IOR( index of refraction) with differing settings. Just move the IOR tab all the way up, and see the results…if that doesnt work, sorry cant help

Simply turn on ray transparency in 2.42 and put the ‘limit’ slider to 100, the falloff slider to 1. If neccessary turn up the ray depth.

IOR helped alot!
Thank you both!

no prob man

Just thought you might find it helpful to know that the IOR of glass is 1.5, not 3.0 as free_ality’s instructions might lead you to believe.:slight_smile: