How well does blender work at super high resolutions for sculpting in 2.8?

I basically want to know how stable and how far you can work on high res sculpt as Zbrush in 2.8

Looking forward ! :slight_smile:

How high we talking? I’ve sculpted on several millions verts in 2.8 during the Beta and leading up to official release, and it was fine. Only issue I ever seem to have is with the smooth brush, which lags a lot…

can it handle 10-20 million plygones ?

I’d say yes, but it also depends on your hardware.

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2.80 with symmetry enabled 10 mill starts to lag (no symmetry, no lag yet), 40 is barely workable with symmetry (you need some patience to make it work), without symmetry 40 mill is the point where it starts to lag. I´m talking multires modifier here, Ryzen 5 1600, 32Gig RAM, RTX 2060. So detailing highres nonsymmetrical meshes is actually doable in 2.80 but… a pain… at this point. The future is bright tho :sunglasses:

Sidenote: same scene in 2.79 I can go easily above 100 mill with symmetry enabled, buttery smooth strokes (better Performance than ZBrush)


There is evidence that optimization in sculpting is being looked at as part of Pablo’s work (an example, a commit limiting the excessive amount of updates some brushes do).

2.8 in general has a few major performance bottlenecks that need to be resolved, and the community has been pushing the devs. to raise the priority in terms of resolving them.


wait so … even with Ryzen 5 1600, 32Gig RAM, RTX 2060, it still ag at 40 mil ?

yup, already with 10 if symmetry is turned on. (I´m taling about the brush strokes, the viewport can perfectly hanfle even higher subdivisions) So if you do have ZBrush, I would (even tho I would love not to have to say this) suggest you use that for high poly-work until the performance issues in the 2.8 series get solved (or go back to 2.79 for high-res sculpting.)



I do some sculpts with about 17 million points and that work well.

I dont use dyntopo when going high, it tends to slow down much when using texture brush (inflate).

Multires works well.

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have you gone to 40 mil ?

I dont think so never had to go that high.

i have done body and head separate and i figure both together gets close to 40 mil

Someone asked if they can “sculpt” pores in Blender. I said “no”. Bake to low res and then “paint” (stencil) your pores in a normal map.they will have to do this anyways in the end.

I am doing this model now And its about 8 mil high res baked down

If you have substance painter you can add much extra detail.

I would say yes you can sculpt down to the pores

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