How were these textures created?


I’ve noticed some nice textures which I’d like to try to emulate the look of

My question is how did they create those? I assume they’re photos with some kind of filter applied then some touchup to make them tile (notice the large differences of the wall and floor in last image implies its a photo originally).

All attempts at recreating similar style images have failed- It’d be especially nice to know how to make that grass.


in one guess hand-painted with a software like gimp, then uvmapped on a soft like blender, but thats just a guess.

my guess would also be hand painted in a program like photoshop or gimp because filters almost always give a recognizable and “cheaper” looking effect than doing it by hand.

if these textures were painted (which i don’t think they were), how come they lack consistency so much then? Painting something like that grass would also be very time consuming.

why is it so hard to believe that these textures are painted. i have seen paintings that are so realistic that you can’t tell if the picture is a photo or a painting. besides, the textures in the pictures are not very realistic and could easily be painted.

Here’s a small tut:

Because if you look at the textures (particularly where one texture meets another) you will see they look inconsistent. For instance in the last one, the wall and floor look totally different implying generated textures somewhat.

man painting textures like that arent so hard as you say, you would doubt how many things are hand made still in the tech world.

I would say painted also. The texture artists would have had experience from the original Rayman as it’s 2d. (I assume they had the same artists)

yeah these are hand painted textures. In a realistic game setting like for a lot of FPS games and things like that thay’ll use photo based textures, but even then there’s a lot of editing that goes into it. Stylized and cartoony stuff like this are ususally hand painted.

These actually look like pixel-art. where they just go in and paint the texture on one layer and eventually are editing the individual pixels one at a time. you can see the dithering in the textures on the rocks and grass and stuff.

Sorry to get off topic, but… Hurray Rayman 2: The Great Escape!!!

You should try getting higher quality screenshots than that- these look like beta shots.