How would I achieve shaping a mesh/lattice around another object

I’m trying to replicate the cartoon effect of a heart beating out of someones chest. I dont want to simply make a heart shape and then attatch the vertexes towards it, I want it to look like the shirt is formed around it/its under the shirt.

I feel like I’m getting close but not sure how to do it…
Right now I am attempting to put a lattice on the area, shrinkwrap it to the heart object. But it doesnt work too well, unless I’m doing something wrong.
What would be a better way to do this?


Again I want it to look like it is coming up from under the mesh , smoothly.

I would use the shrink wrap with only selected vertexes, what does not work for you?

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Hi there,

the first thing, that’s comming up to my mind on this issue is: Using cloth-simulation. I mean, if you place the heart beneth the shirt (first small), set it to colision-object type and then key-framing the start (size, position) and setting the next key-frame later after scaling up; position forward… it should give the effects.

I momentary do not have the time to check, but this is what (as said) came up as a first idea on my mind.

Maybe it*s a hint (nothing more) :slight_smile:
happy blending

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At the moment it doesnt work. What settings should I use? And where should I put the shrinkwrap modifier.
At the moment i have:

  1. The heartshape object
  2. The actual body mesh
  3. some vertices on the specified chest area (on the body)

I have the Shrinkwrap on the Body, with the target being the heart object. And the vertex group set to the chest vertices I made.
I have tried “Project” and that almost seems to work? But it usually still looks kind of broken and usually ends up looking caved in whenever I move it.

Thats another thing I guess I forgot to mention. I do want this to be able to be animated (maybe through shape keys?) So I need the ability for it to maintain the shrink wrapped look, while looking like it’s going in and out.
Not entirely sure if that’s possible buuuttt I still wanna try somehow haha

You have to model the stretching part of the body around the heart so the heart will be completely surrounded by the shirt. Then make a vertex selection of the vertexes around the heart. You can set up a new vertex group. Then shrinkwrap modifier to the body, as a target choose the heart and for the vertex group select the new vertex group you made.
I think it works just fine but the problem is that you have the hear outside of the body mesh.