How would I add imagines and textures onto blend objects?

Hi, I had some general questions. How would I add imagines on to blend objects? Lets say I want to add a horse on the handle of the hand gun I’m modeling below, would I just find an image of a horse logo from Google and then UV unwrap?
But what if I want the horse to be made out of ivory? Will I then make a horse model in blender add some material, do that stuff and then paste it on the handle?

Another thing I wanted to know was how would I add some real texture to the handle, not a bump map, but real texture, what if I wanted a nice groovy grip, how would I get that?


it depends on what you are using it for. if it’s for a game, it would be impractical to model a gnurled grip. you would have to use a texture, but fortunately such a texture is easy to make. as for the horse, yes you would use UV mapping, but again it depends on what you are using it for. if it’s for a game, it will need to be done using textures. if you have a model of the horse you want, it simplifies things. if you are interested in using textures, say so, and I will explain the process to get from model to texture.

If you could explain the process that would be great! I’m new to Blender and I’ve started this project, modeling an M1911 pistol, to get more familiar with Blender. I’m not making this for a game; I’m just modeling and learning Blender for fun. I want to make a photo-realistic M1911 and I want an ivory stallion on the handle and some engravings on the upper receiver.

I haven’t forgotten about you, just kind of busy at the moment. I will get back to this shortly though.

ok, there are a couple things you may need to study here. first, you need to be able to UV unwrap / map. you will also need a basic knowledge of texturing, and texture channels. then, you will have to use texture baking to bake the normals of a gnurled surface onto your gun handle. you may also wish to sculpt either your mesh, or a proxy mesh from which you can bake the normals. for the horse, I am going to suggest sculpting it as an extra object, and then joining it later if necessary. first thing…

  1. UV unwrap the gun
  2. decide specifically how your gnurled surface will look, as in, diagonal pyramids? grooves? ( need to know this before proceding… )

No problem.

Ok; I’ll watch some videos on texture basics to get a basic understanding of them. What do you mean by “a gnurled surface?” What is it?
I’d like the horse to be an attached object on the grip of the handle, it would be a raised section, the look I want to give is, here’s the handle grip, the area where the horse is placed will be smoothed out and here on the handle is a popping out ivory stallion. It will have a smooth, glossy look.

specifically you will need to know how to add an image as a texture channel, and how to set map input to UV.

Alright; thanks!