How Would I Animate This?

Hi, this thread is almost a “sequel” to the “How Would I Rig This” thread. So I rigged my stick/block guy, but now I need to animate him. If anyone knows any tutorials on realistic animation, please tell me. If you know any techniques on realistic animation, please tell me. I have a very simple rig for him, and maybe even a tutorial for another program might work, becuase the rig is just a simple armature:

I’ll look too, and I’ll post any interesting tutorials on animaiton. Thanks in advance!

Well if you want a free resource, check this out- BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation. Imo, this is the #1 Resource for learning to animate with Blender without spending money.

What I prefer is Introducing Character Animation with Blender by Tony Mullen, which is more of a first-hand experience, because it comes with a DVD and many detailed images in the book.

Before you start animating, you should just try posing the guy. See if you can get some realistic poses, poses that convey action or character in a still. Until you can do that, it’s not worth beginning to animate.

Of course, once you can do that, animation is the next logical step – make a pose, set keys, advance frames and make another pose. Then, you go back and adjust the timing, etc. Try looking up “Twelve principles of animation”.

But really, get good at posing first.

Thanks harkyman, and N00bhaxor!

I finally got around to animating this little guy, but it still needs lot of work. Very choppy and flickery looking, and it reminds me of clay animation. I’d like to show you the animation, but how do I post videos like the ones at the top of this thread?