How would I bevel a loop cut?

How would I bevel a loop cut?

I plan to do a few of these, I know I can just make one and use the array modifier, but wondered if there is another method.

Image 1: What I have

Image 2: What I want to achieve

Unless you have a very particular case, I would:

Loop cut->Ctrl+b select 3 division and by pressing “P” you can make the profile not change the shape. Alternativelly you can press Shift+Ctrl+R to achieve the saem without the bevel opertation.

Once this is done, I’d press CTRL+ “Numpad Minus” to minimise selection and select only the middle cuts. Then alt+S to scale respective to normal.

Let me know if that works.

I roughly got the idea, was hoping for something to make a series of multiple cuts+bevels…unless I have totally missed something.
Thanks tho! :slight_smile: