How would i create this carbon like material?

Hi guys, im trying to achieve this carbon look… How would I do this? Additionally… It seems to be behind a glass plate or something as well…not sure how I would achieve that in one material…

My best effort was this:

Using the textures posted here:

The changes I would do to the apparently kinda old looking screenshot above is:

  • Since diffuse is not used, I would omit the first mix shader and simply control reflection color.
  • Remove the brightness/contrast node.
  • Set aniso model to multiscatter ggx (missing? old file? :)) for best brightness outputs at higher roughnesses. If not going too rough, then normal ggx would suffice. In some metallic cases, I would use beckman with roughness>1 and aniso=1 for long tail simulation without real reflection stretching.
  • The 0.25 is important, it’s not something you typically adjust for looks. If it looks off, try adding 0.25 to it afterwards (the principled anisotropy is rotated, if that one is preferred).

If you want procedural twill pattern, you might want to have a look at this thread (just ignore the first post, lol).