How would I do something like this?

Say, make a cube and a sphere, then make the sphere go through the cube and make a splash or ripple. Where the cube would react to the sphere as if the sphere were a drop of water falling into a bucket of water?

If there’s a way, please let me know. Thanks!

use fluid dynamics

I don’t quite see how to do what I explained there… just how to make drops fall and such, what I want is more complex, like dropping a marble into a bucket of water, something like that effect.

For now you can’t. Blender fluid simulation still doesn’t recognizes moving obstacles. There’s a test build where that is implemented, and hopefully it will be in 2.41.

That would be cool. Thanks for the help!

Then another question I have is this, How might I make something react in this way:

Example, take a finger and press a soft part on your arm, the way presses into the skin. Is there a way to do that without making objects go through each other?

soft bodies can not deform other soft bodies yet. but hard body can deform a soft bodies is my understanding.

Okay then, is there any way to make a sphere as a domain and have fluid inside it? I’ve tried, but the fluid always shows up as a cube shape.

in my understanding the domain is always the bouding box of the domain object. a more advanced user correct me if im wrong

make a cube domain, encompassing a sphere marked as an obstacle, then put the fluid inside the sphere.