How would I do this ?


Just tinkering with Blender in the never ending stuggle to learn it :slight_smile: . I remembered reading a Tutorial a while ago about making a tank track. I thought I would have a go at this off the top of my head. I figured out how to make a tank track type path and then create all the segments to follow around the path, then dupliframed them to create the track, then made it into a joined mesh.
So far so good, then I hought I would animate the track rolling forward. Only one slight snag, I havent got the foggiest how I would create this animation, apart from moving each individual track segment manually which isnt very practical. Is there a simple way of doing this, any clever ideas ?

Regards Geoff


After posting I have now found a tutorial on it. It wasnt the one I recalled seeing before

I have read it through, but at the moment I am completely lost, I will keep at it for a while see if I can figure it out. This topic would be a good interesting subject for a video tutorial . Hint Hint Greybeard if you are reading this :smiley: