How would i do this?

Not sure if this in the right place but, im trying to make a game like minecraft if you dont know what that its a rpg game i guess where the world is made out of cubes you mine by holding down the mouse button then that cube is gone once u have “mined” that brick it goes to ur inventory then you can make stuff with your bricks im just wondering how in the hell could i do this in blender

Please dont troll :no:

Wow. You should read up. It sounds like you are a bit inexperienced…

Learn! Google it! First, break your ideas down to the basics. Make a flow chart of how you wnat the process to go, then search for each step of your flow chart. :smiley:

…or ditch the charts and dive in headfirst. Hey, that’s how I learned it.

Sure. Mouse-Over + Left Click on the bricks, it disappears. Give it a property, like “steel” or “coal” or whatever. Then on…whatever object is storing your inventory, you can have an integer property for each material type. Steel: 0. Coal : 0. Click a steel brick, make the steel property increase 1, then end the brick. Then you can use those properties like money to “purchase” items. Like, say, icecream truck subtracts 5 steel points and 3 strawberry points. Grenade launcher subtracts 2 steel points, and 5 explosive points. My kind of game. Ice cream and death.


I, too, only started doing charts when I couldn’t make up my mind when I realised how great they were.

(Which, by the way, was too late to reverse the damage already done)

yes im a total noob, im prob gonna do what Magnum Opus says then fail and come back and do charts :stuck_out_tongue: