How would I go about making an object 'kick' into the air and fall back down, repeat?

I’m hoping to create a nice music visualiser, that shows an object ‘kicking’ into the air, a bit like a popcorn kernel popping, but in time with the music.
What kind of approach would this involve? Physics? Gravity? I assume I can bake an F-Curve to animate some sort of force to quickly propel the object into the air, turning it off immediately so that it falls back down, and then ‘jumps’ back into the air again on the next beat.
I don’t want the object to ‘bounce’ in time with the music, more like popping upwards. As if someone was flicking or punching it into the air, like kickups.

My initial thought was to switch on some reverse gravity, or a very strong ‘wind’, then turn it off again, repeat.