How would I go about modeling this...?


I wanted to model the inside of this lightbulb screw, specifically the red glue (or resin) and the uneven edges/mottled look it has… any ideas on how to do that? I’ve modeled a rough shape for the area where it dips from the rim but not sure whats the best way to get an that look…

Many thanks

For the red resin… what you can do is just apply a second shader, different of the metal one, choose the faces in edit mode and set the shaders to be applied to it… simply.

I’d do something like Lane is saying, but modulated with a texture, not just faces, so that you can get a more uneven border. If you use a texture to pick between two different shaders, you can apply a different bump for each and use it for displacement if you want a difference in shape (which would be appropriate, that inner area is ceramic, often pitted, versus the sharp aluminum of the housing.)

if it is more or less transparent
then use a volume shader
or the new PBR volume to make the material

happy cl

Sweet thanks very much, I ended up using a similar one to bandages idea :slight_smile: