How would I go about this?

This is my 5th game in Blender, so far they have just been simple ones from following the many tutorials laying about.

After doing several smaller Blender Projects I decided to try something bigger and more interesting.
But im not sure how to go about a few VERY important features of the game.
After seeing the great support from this community i decided itd be best to ask about here and see if anyone could enlighten me on how to go about this game Idea.

Id like to be able to set my character against a wall or object and have the camera PAN and ZOOM accordingly (Ie:MGS 1,2), Im not sure if i would need to set cameras at EVERY possible angle and then turn them on as he hugs the wall, but If i did this then how would i stop the camera going THROUGH any other object ie: a wall, Barrel ect…

OR would i need to set a camera to be attached to the character and simply set it to rotate when he hugs a wall ect and then set it to zoom accordingly(No idea how to do that though)

Enemy field of View, how would I go about makign the enemies only see me if im at set distance away from them? Yet still have it so that certain things effect the enemies field of vision ie: They have low vision in dark, foggy areas but more in OPEN bright areas , or even if the player is wearing camoflague outfits he will blend and become harder to spot from a distance.

3: Enemy A.I, its vital for the enemies to seem realistic and to inspect suspisious goings on ie: Broken glass Raises caution alarm, Footprints get followed till the end ect.

3: 4 types of attack: (Each attack will have its own animations)
Enemy level: hand to hand(knocks enemy out at most)
Weapon attacks(kills enemy depending on weapon)

Above enemy: Quick neck snap(leans down and snaps enemies neck)

Crawling attack: Grabs enemy leg, enemy hits floor on front, sit on enemies back and the enemy cannot escape so is techincally a hostage(is this position you can get off, snap enemy neck or Shoot the enemy dead)

Of course the Weapon attacks can be done from anywhere above or below ground it doesnt matter with the weapons.
This is a most complicated feature that im not sure HOW to do at all.

Those are the main things I am unable to understand how to accomplish in Blender, I began this with another piece of software but my PC died and all data is unrecoverable unfortunatly, but blender is a better choice due to being open source…

For these features will I need to Re-write certain sections of the source code or will I jsut be able to use the Python scripts as they stand?

Basically this game is a lot like Metal gear Solid or Splinter Cell, so if anyone was to basically clone them games into ONE how would you do it? I believe that some of the features may require source code editing and recompiling, Especially the enemy Ai section, But i dont honestly know whats best so I am asking anyone here for tips on hwo to create the game I wanted to create for a long time now.

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Sorry for the super long post everyone

  1. That’s a purely coding issue.

  2. Give the enemies a boolean property called “sight” or something, and give the player a boolean property called “player” or something like that and set it to true, and set the “sight” property to false. This means currently the enemy will see nothing. Add a ray sensor and a property sensor. Make the property sensor check to see if the player property is true. Connect them both to a property actuator, and have the actuator set “sight” to true. Now what it means is that, if the enemy sees the object that has the player property, it sets “sight” to true. Now to make something happen, add another property sensor, and have this one check to see if “sight” is true. Add as many actuators as you need to have the firing animation, track to, and bullets added or whatever you want the enemy to do once he’s seen the player.

  3. The AI should be scripted, since, once the game gets complicated, the logic bricks will get way out of control.

  4. All the attacks will basically be set up the same, you just change the trigger, animations, and values of damage or what ever.

You absolutely do not need to rewright source code for Blender. Use python scripts. For an intro to python, check out Social’s recent python tutorial.

Thanks dude.
thats pretty helpful.
I knew the AI would need to be scripted but im not actually sure HOW is all lol, thanks anyways man.

1: thats purely a coding issue

What do you mean by this? I knew it would require coding but I have never doner anything like THIS before so im nto sure where to start, or which way was best, attaching one to EACH AND EVERY WALL AND CORNER or attaching ONE to the player and simply rotating and zooming it along the A,Y,Z axis? Either way im nto sure where to start with either of these.

Has anyone ever doen anything Similar that id be able to look at at all? Maybe an early Blender game but the creator decided they wernt ready for this yet?

You won’t need to rewrite any source code to do what you want.

  1. Making the particular camera that you want will probably require some Python scripting. This tutorial might be a good start.

  2. Dim gave you the basic setup, but you’ll need Python scripts to add in the extra features (like camo, etc.) I would recommend giving each factor a numeric value and adding the numeric values together to calculate a “total visibility”. For example, your character is moving slowly, wearing camo at night in a dark area. Set up a “base visibility”. I’ll make it 20. Camo will be -5 visibility, night will be -4, dark area -2 and slow movement -2. So total visibility would be 20-5-4-2-2 = 7. Set the distance on the ray sensor based on the total visibility value.

  3. You are talking about very complicated AI. You had better be good at coding if you want to accomplish that. I would recommend starting with something a little simpler.

  4. You just set up the four attacks (using armatures, etc.), then use a Python script to determine which one should be used and run the different actions accordingly. If you make each attack a separate button, you won’t even need a script.

Also, you may find a couple of the tutorials on my site useful in making your game. I have goldentaiji’s health bar tutorial, and I also have a timer/countdown tut that I wrote (useful for timed detenators, etc).

It’s here:

However it’s for people who want to take the time to learn the BGE API basics. It seems to me like you are just looking for a quick fix.

Not the best way to go about things IMO.

  1. Do you mean like in MGS when you stan against the wall and the camera is in front of you and looking at you? I have another camera hanging in front of the character all the time and then switch to it when you press against a wall. To pan/rotate it I would track to empties hanging on each side of the character.

  2. The calculation thing blendenzo suggested is the way to go. You could add a small random value to make the game less predictible.

  3. It can be done. Raising alarm if the see things can be done with near/radar/ray sensors. AI is as complicated as you make it. But never truly easy.

MGS are the coolest game in the universe! so good luck but try to not be unrealistic.

Thanks fro your help.

Im afraid you have missunderstood my friend, Im SLOWLY learngin python sciripting, and im not loking for a QUICK FIX as you call it.
Im willing to put all the time and effort i can into this game and make it the best i can.
I just wanted to know if anyone has experiance in any of the things I know of, Of course id have learnt this all myself in a few months or doing python scripts, But i just wondered if anyone has done anything similar so that i dont repeat common mistakes is all.

You already made the #1 common mistake that new users make:

You know next to nothing about the BGE, yet you want to start by making something similar to a commercial quality game like MGS and Splinter Cell.

Very, very, very unrealistic. Trust me, I have been around for some time now, and projects like these have a very short life span.

Do yourself a favor and start small. What you are describing is more over your head than you know.

This is my 1st 100% alone project yes, seing as the tutorials dont count as there not MY invention there just me learnging and followign some simple rules that were layed out for people.
But i have followed all the game tutorials I have obtained.
Along with read very much game engine documentation, nto to mention im still reading the blender “N00b to pro” book at the moment.
I can do simple things like cars driving and racing things, also like a little man running about the screen and up hills reading signs ect.
Those were made by following tutorials but i dont need the tuts as i knwo them well now.
But this idea I NOW have is more complicated then all the tutorials I ahve done, So i wasnt sure where to start with it is all.
Thats why i came here, because of the good community.
Yes i know il be learnign a LOT MORE as this project goes on.
i have done this game in programs such as 3D GAMESTUDIO before, and even began a 2D version on my own engine in RUBY SCRIPT.
But not with PYTHON.
So i just thought itd be clever to ask and see if anyone has done anytihng imilar and if so maybe id be able to learn a tihng or 2 from it as apposed to makign the same mistakes other people have.

That’s my point, your trying to hop a very big complexity gap, and you just don’t have the skill (relative to blender).

Did you ever stop to think about what a game “like” MGS or SC entails? It’s programming, modelling, animation, sound etc. All on a much, much higher level than a “little man running about the screen”.

We as a community can help you make pretty much anything you could think of, but:

What do you mean by this? I knew it would require coding but I have never doner anything like THIS before so im nto sure where to start
It’s a little hard to do that when you have no idea what we are talking about.

You yourself need to have some idea where to start, in order for the advice we give you to make sense.

You need to get a better general knowledge of the BGE.

As I said start small. Going through a couple of little games and a few tutorials is not enough to start the project that you are describing here.

Basically what I think Social’s saying, is that there is a reason projects like MGS and Splinter Cell take 50+ professionals to make.

Social’s not trying to be cruel and squash your dreams. He’s basicaly just presenting the facts and preparing you for it to peter out.

First thing I would do if I were you is model the whole damn thing first.

I guarantee if you can model and texture the whole level 100% along with making all the characters, props, and weapons, people will show you a little more respect around here.

Even if you did do all these things, there is no guarantee you will ever finish. So start with an open mind and also accept the fact that you will never finish.

Now that all that is out of the way, what do you have more than the idea? Screenshots? Model Tests? Sketches?

The one thing I cant stand here on these forums is people with no idea what they are going to make. All good 3d artists start with a 2d sketch of some sort. If you think you can make a game with out drawing the whole thing on paper first you need help…


You know, I should probably use that statement for my sig. That way, people won’t jump to call me “evil” when I just try to give some experience backed advice.

Thanks Dim. Finally, someone understands.

I dont ever EXPECT to complete it lol, I accept that, I am but one person and its too much of a task really, But id like to get the OVERALL idea done out.

What have i got you say:
Sketches = level Designs Character Designs.
Models = Main character, 1st area before i changed it.
A solid story: 1st chapter ALONE reaching over 50 pages of A4.
textures = OVER 150 COMPLETED textures, many more contantly being done.

As i ahve said before i have begun this project in a program called “3D GAMESTUDIO” and I was going on pretty well with it, But 3DGS doesnt have that many FEATURES overall.
I got so far into making this game a reality, took me months aswell, but my old laptop just DIED ON ME and by DIED i mean WONT COME ON hard drive is corrupt ect…

So i decided that this time round i was going to go for a more AFFORDABLE engine, and with more features, not to mention open source which if need be i would edit to my prefferences(Turns out it wasnt needed after all).
So i started learning Blender and its BGE aswell.
Seing as im begining the project AGAIN from almsot SCRATCH in blender it made sense to ask about and see how complicated this would be in Blender, and I know that its complicated, i expected nothing less to be honest.
The only REMAINS i ahve of the last project are like a main character model and photo, the full story + edits, and 50% of my textures.
And i KNOW someone will say BACK UP MORE, but the day it WUDNT COME ON is the day i WAS ABOUT to back up. I back up EVERY OTHER DAY.

Social’s not trying to be cruel and squash your dreams. He’s basicaly just presenting the facts and preparing you for it to peter out

I know.
He is trying to help and he has a lot of experiance in Blender Game Engine and Blender in General.
I 100% understand what he is trying to explain to me.
And i know that this may be way over my head, But thats why im 100% willing to learn, Im learngin more and more each day about BGE and i even read the entire BGE documentation aswell and the BGE API link he posted, both very interesting.

The only thing I thought he had the wrong way is that he thinks i ahve NOTHING so far and only an IDEA and a set of dreams with BLENDER.
When in fact i got some FOUNDATIONS to support these dreams but im missing a few important steps from the ladder.

Well, I never actually said that, but you can’t blame the people who think that (I mean you didn’t exactly post anything).

If you want to convince people that you have something more to go on than just dreams, you should post screenshots of the stuff you have so far.

Look, nobody will think any less of you if you don’t have anything, it really doesn’t matter to us. You don’t have to be an experienced developer in order for people to respect you and help you out here, but it would probably be best for everyone if you were fully honest with us right off the bat.

I’m not saying that you are not, but I’m just informing you that ego stretching BS is not the best way to get into the communities “good graces”. I for one never help those delusional losers out.

Well, anyway. Good luck with your project.

thanks man.
Yeah i should have posted something actually.
I didnt want my design to get stolen before i spent £20 copyrighting my designs n stuff, I may never ACTUALLY make £ from them, But id rather that if they CUD make £ then it wasnt by someone else taking the designs because i hadnt coprighted them(Yes, someone has stolen a project from me before thats why im so weary these days)
Well, Thats all done now so Im free to show you something now.
this is the games main character in an EXTREEMLY low poly model, Im re rigging it at the moment though lol.
Here is a model of a soldier in another Engine(Wonder how itl look in Blender), It NEEDS re-texturing, I just wondered how it looked in the world at its current state.
Retexturing it now actually.

A quick test of a poster on the wall and how a texture looks INGAME, its nice but It needs some SERIOUS work, as this texture STINKS of Metal Gear Solid clone(I didnt expect it to remind me so much of MGS, though maybe its just my opinion)

heres another shot of the model of a Soldier, It needs some texture work but aside from that I rather like it.

The Models look really cool, The levels, if thats what those are…Not so good

Lol, nah there nto levels, I jsut didnt want to show the models against a black background so i just whacked out the programs DEFAULT texture instead.
as for the test with the poster, no that was just a sprite test, I was playing about when i did that, them textues look good, but i only made them for SMALL objects not for LARGE WALLS where they get stretched and look bad lol.

So how many polys is the main character.

Just curious because it’s looking really good.

:slight_smile: I say keep going with this game even if it is way over your head you can still learn from it :smiley:

I cant actually remember at the moment.
How strange…
Yeah, its over my head NOW, but as i learn i grow taller so i get there eventually.