how would i import 3D cafe

Title says it all. I downloaded something form 3D cafe, now is it possable to get it into blender, if so how?

Well it would be helpful to know what kind of file your trying to import. eg:Lwo, Cob, 3ds, max, obj. What is the format?

its a .3ds file.

Yeah I believe Blender can.
Go up to file in at the top and scroll down to import and you should see .3ds in that menu. Just click it and it will open a browse window. Just find your file in that window and open it.

When i do this it gives me a message ‘python script error, check consol’
I have no idea what python script is so could someone please help me with this new problem? Thanks!!

If Blender can’t import your files, try with Wings 3D instead and then export to Blender.