How would I make subtle steam (as on sample video) ?

Saw this in Deus Ex: HR - Missing Link and wondering how could I reproduce that in Blender, to render animated looped sequence with alpha afterwards ?


bump! I can’t believe no one knows :confused:

Try the new quick smoke set as Mesh and set the flow density to .05. For the domain, 128 divisions, and hires 2

Then use some turbulence to get it to move the way you want it to.

You can also use lattices to shape smoke.

Be sure to shoot the smoke as a separate RenderLayer and adjust it into the scene with compositing techniques. Since most of my scenes have a good bit of smoke 'n steam flying about, I shoot them as separate (MultiLayer OpenEXR) files, making them initially quite dense.

Another cheep-trick is to overlap the initial smoke render with itself, composited at various densities and speeds and so-on.

Thanks for the “quick smoke” tip.