How would I make this look better?

Just need any general suggestions on how to make this look better :slight_smile:

Well, most-seriously, it is overexposed. If you were to look at this image with the Histogram tool, you would probably see a more-or-less bell shaped curve, but it would be flattened and shoved to the right. The colors are fairly uniformly desaturated.

The character-of-interest is on a rule-of-thirds line in the vertical direction, but bulls-eye centered in the horizontal, and in any case he is quite small … there’s a whole lot of temple-floor out there in which absolutely nothing is happening. (Which might be just fine if this is actually a setup for a game that is played on a square-grid, and the legions of sword-bearing nasties have simply been omitted.)

The interplay of diagonal shadows against the opposing lines on the floor is interesting, and, to your credit, there are no opaque-shadows e.g. behind the columns. (No doubt thanks to Cycles.)

So… How would I fix the overexposure? I turned on atmosphere for the sun panel, by the way.

I kind of want it to seem like it’s dawn, to have that yellowish tint on the temple floor.

Thanks for the other tip, though. P.S., this is blender internal

I really don’t want to use cycles, so please don’t just tell me to use it. Thanks :slight_smile:


As for the over-exposure I would touch it up in curves in the compositor. This is the easiest way.

I would also move the character to to center of the path of light, so you can see his shadow as well.

Also - think about what is the subject of the picture… If there are works of the floor infront of the person, then … I can’t read them.