How would I model for the game Counter Strike: Source?

So, Ive just started to use blender, and I wanted to know. Lets say I made a model/animation In blender, could it be put into CS:S? I cant use 3D’s max because of the money, and I havn’t found any tutorials on how to model/animate for games yet.


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Blender can export to lots of different file formats, so what format does CS:S take?

Im looking right now at models made by other people that work for CS:S, and these are the type of files it shows.

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So you want to take other people’s files and put them into the game?

No… I want to make my own! I already do that, what people do is create skins for the game changing the weapon on how it looks. For example,I could change a grenade into a snowball. I want to know if this is possible with blender.

In Blender if you go File>Export you can see a list of all the file formats Blender will export too. I took a quick look but coudn’t match any to your list. :frowning:

I was looking at that, and it seems I need to convert it to a SMD file?

My suggestion is to check through this and see if you can find anything.
I know there is some blender specific stuff in there, but it may be outdated.

If you wanted, you could download Softimage Modtool and export your model from blender and import it into that…then do whatever you need to get it into Source. From what I can see, there’s a fair amount of information for getting Softimage models into Source.

That sounds reasonable, Thanks for that link BTW, it’s helping me out!

Ok, so I got python installed and it says it’s working in blender now. But now im getting some other error I don’t get at all. Here is a screenshot of the console…

What do I do now??? O_O I cant export the model.


I had that exact error on another script a little while ago. My error was caused by
comments written in a different language.

Try editing the file and looking at line 6 for any weird characters.

If you post the script I can take a look if you wish.

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Pixeltwister That’s the script.

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Think the problem was the authors name. Changed it to an non accented u in two
places within the script.

Have attached a .blend with the script open in the text editor.
Hope this helps.

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Modified Half Life Script.blend (225 KB)

Thanks for replying. Um… See I’m still really new to Blender. What exactly is the blend file you gave me for? I know it’s the script, but what am I supposed to do in it? Sorry for being a big noob. D:

Sorry let me explain,

The attachments on Blenderartists do not allow me to attach a script directly.
So I attached a .blend with the script inside, to save said script goto the text
editor window. Click Text/Save As and save the script over the one you are
currently running. (See attched image)

I hope this makes sense?

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Milkshape 3D is something you might want to use for the final process of your creation. I suggest making the model in Blender, and exporting the model as a OBJ file. Then import it with Milkshape 3D and they have the MDL exporter. I use to make models for half-life when I first started and MIlkshape 3D cost money back then. I’m looking around the site…and I see a download link but I’m not seeing a cost…maybe they had a turn of heart?

Thank you so much! It worked! :smiley: Thank you for helping me man. :slight_smile: You dont know how long ive been trying to fix this… lol


Excellent news. Hope to see the results.
By the way what worked? Nicktechguy’s suggestion or the Script?



The script you gave me. :slight_smile:

Cool glad to be of help.

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