How would I remove these artefacts?


I am modelling a gothic arch, however I am having trouble removing the artefacts
The arch is made of 3 separate pillars/objects.
I have tried Boolean, Joining, the Intersect Edge to Vert tool…
But all of these are waaaayyy to fiddly.
Any advice?

The general advice would be to reconsider your criteria of “fiddly”. If you want nice clean geometry, you will have to eventually get in there and do some manual fixing. Cutting, deleting, bridging, merging…

That said, this one is a good case for symmetry via the Mirror modifier, which has its own Bisect option that cuts the mesh and merges the verts for you nicely. You can use two instances of the modifier. One to get a rotated duplicate of the original using the Mirror Object, and another to simply symmetrize the whole thing.

arch_symmetry.blend (138.3 KB)


That is exactly what I needed! (Mirror Bisect)