How would I slow down a simulation for a slo-mo shot?

Hey all, I was planning on doing a slo motion shot, and I just spaced out the keyframes more, but the simulations are still moving around in real time. How would I slow it down? I’m using a cloth sim and a soft body.

Is there a time slider somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

You render your animation with normal speed, but give it a higher frame rate.
Then you open this animation in a new .blend file, and convert it back to a lower frame rate.
Now you will have a slow motion depending on which values you chose.
If you render your animation with 120fps and you convert it back to 24 fps your animation will be 5x slower because it takes longer to show all the frames. If you want a slower motion you render your animation with a higher frame rate e.g. 240fps will make it 10x slower if you convert it back to 24 fps …


That is clever!

I’ll have to try this! Thanks, Maxi!

hmm… actually, I’m confused as to what to do exactly… could you be a little more clear, please?

Take a look at in Properties -> Render and look for the Dimensions panel. In there you’ll find Frame Rate. By default, it’s set to 24 fps. Change it to 60 or whatever.

Set up your animation the same way you’d set up any other. In other words, it’ll run in real time when you play the Timeline.

Render out the animation. If you render to a sequence of images (which is highly recommended) rather than a video file, you can then set up a 24 fps project in your video editor of choice and load all the images in. The result will be slow motion.

You can do the equivalent of a 24 fps project in Blender’s video compositor, but I don’t know how so I’ll leave that for someone else to cover. I’m not even sure I’m calling it the right thing (video compositor).

Alright, thanks, I got it now!

At first I thought you meant baking the simulation at 60 and then playing it back at 24 heh >.>

Oh, I’m sorry that I didn’t explain it more precisely :frowning:

I did that but it’s still not slow.