How would i texture this?

Hi Everyone,

I was owndering, how would I texture something like a car or bottle of coca cola? All I want to do is sort of make it with photo textures, if this is possible(which I think it is), is there a tutorial?

Do you mean apply a photo(image) to the model? That’s UV mapping. Check for a multitude of guides on that point. By the way, though, for a bottle of coca-cola, you’d just be using a photo for the label, you’d be better off using ray-transp for the bottle and fluids for the inside.

Thank you very much, and yes I only planned to do the label of the bottle.

well…actually all you need to do is ‘UV-lite’ which is to assign the object a Texture to the base material, and make that texture an Image texture.and load the wrapper image.

could you explain to me how I would do that?