How would I transfer all my stuff from Blender 2.78 to 2.8?

I have over 6 gigabytes of models, do they need to be changed at all? I also have
countless add-ons, such as Pro Lighting Skies, B-Tool, and others. Not to mention,
How should I go about the change? Should I delete 2.78 and then install 2.8? Is there
some other way? Not to mention I have a relatively old computer, which takes hours
to render a single frame of even a relatively modest Cycles scene, (That is actually
the main reason I am transitioning to 2.8: Evee real-time rendering), so I want
to know if my computer can even handle the change.

Can I have help, please? Thanks.

Install 2.8 alongside 2.79, and make a copy of your .blends before opening them in 2.8.

Maybe keep a 2.8 and 2.79 model library for the time being. You’ll know by downloading it and seeing how it works for you. You don’t need to install 2.8, juist extract the download and run it. If you don’t like it yet go back to 2.79.

Addons may need updating for 2.8, which isn’t as likely to happen until 2.8 is relatively stable (Release Candidates)