How would I turn dopesheet summary on or off from Python?

The Python tooltip reads DopeSheet.show_summary and under that[‘Default’]…show_summary. I need to know what the dot dot dot is.

Blender API Reference speaks of bpy.types.DopeSheet.show_summary, but this doesn’t work when run from the console or in the context of the dopesheet editor, seems to only return its state, not let me set it. Anyone know how to do this?

you need to check the “References” in the API docs:

It refers to e.g. SpaceDopeSheetEditor.dopesheet

There are no References for that type, but if you look at the very top, it says “base classes — bpy_struct, Space”.
If you check Space, you’ll find References (Area.spaces,…)

So you need an area of that certain type:

for area in bpy.context.screen.areas:
    if area.type == 'DOPESHEET_EDITOR': = False

Thanks! This works. There seems to be a lag between the time the code is run and the update of the switch being turned off though, which I’m not entirely sure about.

It’s only a missing redraw, you can tag_redraw() the area to force an update