How would I unwrap an arched doorway? (reference images inside)

Picture attached for reference. I have unwrapped several objects before in blender, but i am stumped with this one. I have tried projecting the UV from the front orthographic view, but then i am unsure how i should scale the inner and outer facing faces that are missed from this projection. I would like the UV to be unwrapped like the second image i have attached. Thank you in advance.

Look up Project from view uv mapping!


In Edit mode select the Front face…Project from view…In uv/Image Editor Move the Face…You can move them outside and place them later.

Add a new materiale…

Edit Mode press 3 = right view…Select the Face and Project from view…Assign these Face to the new materiale.

Move or place face in Uv/Image Editor…



You don’t need to add new materiale…If You use Project from view( Bounds )

It will use 1 uv map…But it will use the full texturespace every time You project.
Just resize it in Uv/Image Editor to fit…)