How would I unwrap this correctly?

Trying to get this unwrapped correctly how would i go about doing it?

Hi there,

I am not sure what is the exact plan, but if you want to unwrap it without intersections, I did it with Smart UV project, angle limit set to 30, you can also set an island margin if needed of course:

I do procedural texturing nowadays, for that, it would surely work, but you can also tweak it with usual PBR image textures too, I guess :slight_smile:

looking to try and get something more fold flat like a cube unwrap so so i can have a texture wrap around.

I see, well, you can always put in some seams :slight_smile:

yeah i have some but I dont know where to put them to fold it correctly. Even unwrapped before hand then applied bevel modifier and it was not right after that. I got no minds eye so seeing where they should be put in my head not so much for me. Its like throwing darts blindfolded.

Well, I think you will most likely need to do it by hand at the very end, at least to tweak it. You cannot unwrap corners with all 3 sides together (well, you can but the UV shape would be crazy).

So you always hide seams where it cannot be seen, but also to follow the shape of what you want. But remember, even Blender’s official documentation counts with manual corrections along the workflow.

If you go all procedural, it would be easier, but if you have PBR maps, and you must unwrap for that, you can do something like this:

You will notice, that I got rid of the bottom parts. If that is a supermarket stand, from an angle, only 3 big sides will be seen, the rest might not matter at all. I thought, a cover for the stand would go horizontally, surely separated by the top.
To solve the issue of edges and long islands, I put in 2 vertical seams, and also separated the top to be a 3-face island. Now you might swap it to be facing 90 degrees twisted, so the long side has no seams, but you may need to tweak it later. However, if you look at the bottom, it seems logical for me, I marked the islands together with blue.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: