How would I use points, and orientations, to skin a rope?

I have been working on this, and I would like some help from the community in writing a system to draw a mesh based on the objects positions and orientations, but I am terrible at glsl.

File soon, have been bug testing and fixing broken this and thats.

Would not this be a question for the python support forum? Or am i wrong?

So the problem is that it doesn’t look like one continuous rope but a bunch of individual cubes?

Isn’t this an option?

yeah, but the issue is rigid body joints don’t actually keep the distance they are constrained to, they tend to stretch a bit.

I could add objects, and position and scale them I suppose,

gfx.worldPosition = link.worldPosition
gfx.localScale = (1,getDistanceToTarget,1)

Thats what I did once also.

I never tried this, but I remember reading this.
I think you could use B-Bones, or curved bones to make the rope like a bezier curve as stated in this link below.
Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page. (See Curved Bones)
Oops, just re-read your post. Not what you asked. sorry.

Skinned rope is actually a ragdoll. There is no difference if you want to make a rope or a human ragdoll. Just rope is way more easier to setup. I have a example blend of skinned ragdolls, but in 2.49b. Not sure you will make any use of them.
One clever way to workaround this is to make chains not ropes. Chains are expected to behave like a separated links. :slight_smile:

the problem with treating it like a skinned rag doll, is that i would need to have a armature and gfx mesh for every length I may need, all the way up to 60 joints,

and physics simulations like this will be possible with very high substeps once we get bullet 3…