How would I wrap a texture around a cylindrical object without it "jumping"?

im making an exhaust for a racing game and im texturing it right now except I found that there is a line going down the center making the texture look like its jumping or going clockwise/counter-clockwise from one side to the other and ending at the other. I tried putting a seam going down that line but that didnt work. The exhaust is also hollow so im not sure if thats why its happening.

This is what I mean by it “Jumping”

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but from what I can tell, its because the texture you are using is not seamless, therefore you will see a distinct seam along your unwrap.

If this isn’t what you mean, it might be better to show the model without the wireframe, for me it’s really hard to tell if I’m following you correctly.

I think toxicsludge77 is right - it’s just that your UV seams are laid out on different colored parts of the texture.