How would I?

Hi Guys,

Im trying to model a carp, but I dont know what shapes to use and because of their body shape, im really struggling :eek:.

Ive attached a front view and a side view and id appreciate any pointers please :D.

Piccies attached :wink:


I’ve just found a tutorial on to create a dolphin using Lattice’s and NURBS, so i’ll follow that, but if anyone has any tips of a better way, please say :RocknRoll:.

Right guys, im havinf massive problems trying to create a carp :no:.

Anyone got any pointers, the tutorial is majorly out of date and in-correct.

Sort of generic, but hope there are some things that you can use.

you could model it like the hull of a boat. i don’t suppose carps like boats. but anyway, look at this for an idea:

otherwise go through some tutorials on basic character modelling like:

I did a crappie along time ago, but I did it in Wings. Fish meshes are a cakewalk compared to fish textures. It’s gonna be tough, but post your progress. There are alot of slick modelers here who will help.

Cheers guys, i’ll check some of these links out at the weekend :eyebrowlift:.

Spent all week trying different things and it’s just impossible.

I read about point-for-point modeling adding each individual vertex in, but how do I do that? I cant seem to find an option to add a vertex?

I never got on with nurbs and surface skinning. Id use mesh modeling and subsurf.

Create the cross section - half way down the fishes body - I used a plane subdivided once with an array modifier

then extrude it repeatedly to the nose, scaling it (no pun intended!) and keeping the base low, and the same to the back.

Once you got the overal correct shape, up the array modifer to provide a detailed enough mesh for modeling the details then apply it and add the fins , mouth etc

thats just how I’d do it…


Nice one.

I dont fully understand some of the things you said though as im still learning.

In my own head, is this how you’ve modeled that?..

Started out at the centre of the back on a side view, added a plane, scaled it down and extruded it both ways to the fish’s mouth and end of tail, and rotated the extrusions to look similar the shape of the fish’s back.

Then extruded downwards and from plane’s on the back and resized them?

Sorry, I dont explain very well.

Imagine you’ve cut the fish in half so you have a head and a tail

the cross section you see is the shape I made by adding a plane, sub-dividing it once and moving the verts to make a kind of smothed triangle - see the selected edge loop in the previous image

I then extruded it along the length sizing it and moving the vertical edgeloops to get the shape

I’m confused about your use of the array modifier.
Are you just using it to produce a series of planes identical to the first?