How would one go about modeling a voronoi or honeycomb pattern across the surface of a sphere?

What I’m after is modeling either a voronoi pattern or something like a honeycomb pattern on a sphere or dome. Basically something like this:

Exept the pattern needs to be an indepentent mesh that is extruded outwards. The best solution I could come up with is manually drawing the pattern by extruding verteces that are shrinkwrapped to a sphere (like when doing retopology), but it seems really inefficient.

You could use Sverchok for something procedurally generated


If you’re happy with what you’re showing, and just need it to be mesh, maybe you could make a volumetric version and then use volume->mesh?

There is an addon that is shipped with blender. Its called “Cell fracture”. What it is doing is to split your object into volumentric parts with a voronoi pattern. Technically there is just a single vert added at the centre of the sphere for each voronoi piece to give it thickness.

So just activate that plugin, hit Ok with its default settings. and then delete all centre verts. What you’d get is a surface voronoi splitted version of your mesh.You could rejoin the parts, insetscale the faces, or whatever just what suits your idea best with that as a base.