How would one go about rigging this particular movement with bones?

movement.blend (513 KB)

I can’t really find any tutorials on this kind of movement. Any idea?

Something like this. movement1.blend (475 KB)

Here is the set up.

Notice I’ve put the bones on two layers, layer two is protected. The control bone is on layer one, everything else is on layer two. This means the animator can only pose the control bone, so the rest of the bones, which move according to the control bone’s rotation, can’t be accidentally messed up by the animator.

The three blocks, which I call Bottom, Top and Follower, are bone parented to Bottom Parent, Top Parent and Follower Parent bones respectively. The rig works by setting up copy rotation constraints, the constraint for the Bottom Rotator bone is shown below.

Operate the rig by rotating the control bone (counterclockwise). You can also put in some limit rotation constraints to keep the blocks from going past their final locations. Also, I just eyeballed the location of the bones, which affects where the blocks pivot points are. It may need some adjustment.

Anyway, check out Humane Rigging, which is a good tutorial about how to think about and design rigs.

That’s pretty amazing Orinoco thank you so much.

I just found Humane rigging on youtube, I’ll check it out now.