How would one make a light glow trail?

So basically I made a robot with a big red eye, and I want it to leave a trail and glow intensly.

I tried the glow using nodes, but i don’t know how to get it to make just one specific color to glow.

I have no idea on how to make a trail…

Can someone please help? Thanks in advance!

Some nodes and blends to look at.

Stationary glow nodes:

Stroke trails effect:

If the eye doest move much you could use motion blur in the render tab. It basically rerenders the scene several times and sticks them in on top of each other to create blur. You can select how many timeslices (longer blur) to use.

And to select a colour to blur you could use a key node to isolate the colour you want to affect (as the glow node simply chooses based on brightness), then apply a glow to that then mix node that over the original.

An Echo node would be handy for the trail effect tho’.

Depending upon your needs, you may be able to simply upgrade the After Effects Stroke scene mentioned in the post above to 2.5.

By making the material on the stroke EMIT, you can get basic light/glow effects without additional effort.


25_light_stroke.blend (514 KB)