How would you add the following edges


On the following image, I want to add 3 new edges on the left object, so that I get the object on the right. The border/faces between the new and old edges has to be exactly 0.1 BU.

Do you know any easy way to do that?

Currently I:

  • Use inset.
  • Remove unwanted edges.
  • Change transform orientation on edges.
  • Grab vertex point locked on one of my custom orientation axis and snap the vertex to a near by edge.
  • Add new faces.

Point 3 and 4 would be a little bit easier, if vertex slide supported snapping to an edge

In this example you can use the Inset tool set to ‘Offset Even’ and ‘Outset’ enabled


Thanks Richard. Your screencast helped. I didn’t think about adding a face and then use outset :slight_smile: