How would you animate this?

With a plant it’s easy to do but what about this grass? If i want to animate just the longer blades of grass do i need to add more geometry to that section? Thsi would be grass swaying gently underwater. All I can get it to do so far is rock back and forth gently.



I have a idea . Can I see a blend. or obj. To test my idea.

Add a wind force field? Then animate it going left to right then right to left but slowly? It will make it sway:)

Here is the blend.Kazinger
Staxxer never used a force field a little step by setp would help


billowing flag tutorial here is a good tut on force field wind
Its late Ill look at the blend in the morning.

Try applying a basic wave modifier to it. That is how I made my sea tubes move. The Blend for the sea tubes is available by clicking on the link in my signature.

Thanks for the help. i have another animation question i will be needing help on, hopefully you guys can help me with that as well