How would you bake this on low poly model ?

I was wondering last days about the method to transform high poly object to low poly with the texture.

I mean what is best to do at first,

  • make high model with texture and then bake it to low poly or maybe another one
  • do high poly, bake the shape to low poly and then texture it ?
  • or…?

Would be nice if someone share with your own methods for doing objects like this for example :

Im curious what is the best and fastest order to make things like this.


as above:

if you want an exact replica just model it out and keep the seams towards the wall when you unwrap
then instance the little teeth sticking off the sides. If polycount is an issue, fill in the whole center with geometry so that part would be a relief and then the things on the sides could be planes that way you have 1 triangular form/arch and 10 planes.